Slim Stairlifts for Narrow Staircases

As stipulated in Section K of the Building Regulations of 2010, all buildings built after 2010 must ensure that all internal stairs have a minimum clear width of 900 mm.

But what if you live in an older building?

One of the most frequently asked questions of people living in smaller and / or older buildings is whether their narrow staircase is wide enough to fit into a stairlift.

Those with a narrow staircase do not have to worry. It is 2019 - probably there will be a solution for you.

Since the British manufacturers of stairlifts became aware of the problem, they came up with a number of ingenious solutions.

But let Stair lifts Birmingham first understand the problem
When you are sitting next to a staircase, the distance between your turn and knee (or feet) can exceed the width of your stairs when the width of the stairlift is included.

Potential solutions
The secret lies in their compact design and foldable components, which maximize space and efficiency. Folding arms and seats, a folding footrest and a narrow rail make it possible to fold away these compact stair lifts when they are not in use, making them ideal for both the user and other members of the household who can normally use the stairs.

It's great to know that some narrow stairlifts can be folded neatly and nicely to help other pedestrians, but this is not about how stairs can be used to walk up and down narrow stairs.

The ideal solution (and it is not necessarily a technical solution)
If we go back to the problem ...

Your spin-to-knee (or spin-to-toe if you can not move your feet over your knees when you sit down) measures more than the width of your stairs, we have a problem.

Consider this ...

If you can sit on a higher chair, something on the edge, your knees do not stick out that far!

Yes, it depends on the fact that you can sit / sit comfortably in this position during this chairlift, but if that is something you can do, you have much more choice from different manufacturers of stairlifts, because most offer a perch option.

This is a great solution for narrow straight stairs, but is often not the case for narrow, curved stairs.

The reason for this is that, when there is a bend in the stairs, the stairlift track around that bend runs smoothly, so that the corners are the narrowest points on the stairs.

If you have a narrow curved staircase and you can not sit on a perch seat, or if the corners are too narrow to allow a perched position, there is another solution available from a German manufacturer, a very smart technical solution.

The smart technical solution
In real German architecture Thyssenkrupp has produced an ingenious masterpiece to overcome narrow, curved stairs. Their stairlift, the Flow 2, is manufactured and programmed to fit your slender stairs.

The software in the German stairlift is specially programmed for your stairs and map every bend and corner. When the car (seat) approaches a curve, it rotates the seat electronically to let the user's knees down the stairs, reducing the space between the knees and the opposite staircase wall.

As you can imagine, this solution is not cheap, but the best solution for narrow curved stairs or a narrow staircase where the user can not sit or the spin-to-knee / toe size is wider than the stairs.

To fill in your quick quotation form, we can offer you great prices for this solution.

Other common problems
Another common problem with owners oWith older properties, especially periods with slat and plaster walls, the question is whether the walls are strong enough to support the weight of a stairlift.

Do not panic!

Stairlifts have never been fixed to the wall; they are always attached to the stairwell.

The height of the staircase in older buildings may also cause concern for some.

Do you find a stair lift suitable for steep stairs?

Yes, there is almost certainly a solution that exists, because most stairlift manufacturers produce stairlifts to fit stairs from the standard slope of 42 degrees to 80 degrees.

Stairlifts for narrow stairs are available everywhere with a range of functions that are suitable for the user and that make optimum use of the available space.